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Pocket Mirror is an original mystery horror adventure game made using RPG MAKER VX ACE. During the development of this game we have gotten our inspiration from various japanese RPG MAKER games of the same genre such as Ib and The Witch's House which have motivated us to create our own.

β€» The game isn't suited for people with a nervous disposition for things such as horror and graphical horror such as blood and brutal deaths.

β€» Please note that it relies on an exceptional amout of symbolism which may be hard to understand throughout the first playthrough, so multiple playthroughs may be advised.

β€» To get the best experience out of the game we recomment the player to use headphones and adjust the screen brightness accordingly.

πŸŽƒ Premiss πŸŽƒ

The events of Pocket Mirror take place in a mysterious world where the player has to guide the main character in her journey to find her true identity. It is filled with dramatic as well as funny moments throughout and there are several characters to get to know throughout the game!

The storytelling relies on symbolism and hints scattered throughout the game. It's divided into 2 main sub-plots although there are quite a few more, less relevant, sub-plots to experience.

πŸŽƒ Features πŸŽƒ

🌟 Original artwork

🌟 Original animation (movies)

🌟 Original soundtrack

🌟 Visual novel elements

🌟 Extra content in-game (music room, image gallery, secret content)

🌟 Hearing impaired mode

🌟 Voice acting

πŸŽƒ Contact πŸŽƒ

Main contact: astralshiftpro@gmail.com

Twitter: https://twitter.com/AstralShiftPro

πŸŽƒ Troubleshooting πŸŽƒ

Please visit our FAQ if you have any more questions regarding the game or Astral Shift's policies.

If you need more information you can always refer to our Terms and Conditions, read the READ ME.txt file included in the game folder, tweet us @AstralShiftPro or send us an e-mail at astralshiftpro@gmail.com!

πŸŽƒ Changelog ver. 1.3 πŸŽƒ

- Replacement of various uncredited resources with original resources.
- Bug fix.
- Atribution of proper resource credits.

Rated 4.8 out of 5 stars
(640 total ratings)
Made withRPG Maker
TagsExploration, JRPG, Multiple Endings, Mystery, RPG Maker, Singleplayer, Spooky, Story Rich, Surreal, suspense


Pocket Mirror - Full Game Version 1.3
Pocket Mirror - Full Game Version 1.3 TORRENT 15 kB

Install instructions

Please make sure RTP VX ACE is installed in order to play the game.


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The art, the ost, all of them was great, but the storyline was the weakness, it ok but not that great compare to other element in the game. Great work, i hope the game will get better

Astral,when i play the game i cant get it to fullscreen,i even read the instructions,what can i do?

click alt + enter

I love and adore this game so much. And it is now my favorite game of all time. I love everything about this game so much. Can't wait for the remake!!

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I’ve been sleeping on this game for far too long. How did i not know this game existed until 2022?! The story was unpredictable, the artwork is breathtaking, the maps and the sprites are very detailed and the music awesome. I love this game. I don’t have windows, i use Fedora so i was able to play this with Bottles and it worked perfectly.

ok I really like this game but the controls are buggy. I made it to the forgotten attic before the controls became to much of  problem. When I walk or run if I do the action too long when I try it input another command it keeps doing the previous one. for the chase scene in the attic there is so many little things you can get caught on its annoying. I want to keep playing but its to much of a hassle if the game doesn't want to listen to my inputs. besides that it has a very interesting story and a kind of feels like America McGee's Alice in wonder land. 


this is the best game ever 


my favorite game


First heard about this game from Oddheader, and MAN, do I want to enter the Millionaire Club!

Is there a way to play this on a 60% keyboard? I dont have arrow keys but really want to play this so bad :(

great game, theres just a teeny tiny prob, i cant run when i press shift

So during the chase scene in the queens throne room i got to the door but it wont let me in and i end up getting shot. Help? 


i would love to replay this game once more and complete it but


The mirror chase was not it for me. The game is amazing and the art style is gorgeous but that chase was difficult for me to pass. I don't know why it's difficult to predict the pattern because the pattern is so predictable but idk. I would complete it if I can pass that level lol β™₯

I am glad the remake is coming because it's amazing that this game is free in the first place and y'all deserve money for it

Sorry but I have a problem with the save file, like when I play the game and save the file and check it again until I log out of the game, it doesn't have the file anymore, I tried to find out and it's still the same. Does anyone have a solution ;-; ?
( I use google to translate so sorry if it has grammatical problems )

Does your user have permission to write in the game's folder? Check this out or try running it as an administrator.

Oh I just find out, thank you

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how do you do that?


love this game! can't wait for the remake

game is unplayable past the first few rooms, I keep getting stopped on the first chase scene and can't run even though the path through the gallery is clear. Every time the clock goes off the character physically stops and because of that I get a game over.


Did you try holding shift to run?


Check the clue first and then proceed :)

I would, if the game allowed movement when the clock began to chime. I am physically stopped in whatever place im in, and cannot walk around, let alone run. 

Any turn based combat?


That's one of the best rpg horror games I've ever played. Wonderful designs, characters, music, and story! I really don't know why something this deep isn't famous:/  it really deserves better! Keep working hard, I know it will be successful soon! It's a masterpiece<3

This game IS famous. I can tell because i found it on a local torrent tracker - only games like Ib, Witch's house or Yume Nikki can be found there:) So it's that level of popularity.

the window size is tiny and i dont know how to make it bigger, in the "read me" file it says to click F5 but it doesnt work.


no. it makes the game look crusty as hell.

This game is very fun and mysterious so far! but can a wasd keys option be added? the tiny arrow keys on my laptop make it extremely hard to get past running parts and i cannot progress


i absolutely LOVE this game ! i feel like playing it for a second time and i literally just finished it like a wekk ago

Playing this rn, rlly good so far


A wonderfull game, the art it’s pretty good and the BGM es fantastic, one of the best music i heard of this type of games, the history is very interesting and makes you to playing until finished, really good job.

Greetings from MΓ©xico!

Its a good game, I really enjoyed this game. But, it does (For me) sometimes crash saying ''Failed to Load Bitmap'', but when I execute the game again in the same part it does go normally. Even whit these mistakes, the game is good. 

i kinda have a problem with saving once i save and leave the save files are no where to be found? does anyone have a solution to this?


I played this not long after it was published. Love the game, It left its mark on me. I'd really like to see a spin off game from these developers. Pocket Mirror was quite a surprise. <3

This game was a journey from start to finish! I wasn't really sure what the description meant by heavy symbolism until I played it myself, and wow, that definitely wasn't an exaggeration. I love metaphorical games where the plot isn't straightforward, and you almost have to interpret it yourself. In that genre, this one takes the cake. The little animated cutscenes and various different art styles blew me away, this game was insanely well made and the intricate details never failed to surprise me.

My sole complaint would be that this game does have a bad tendency to crash. I have seen a few other people mention similar issues where the game will say "Failed to create bitmap" and close out. After reopening the game the problem immediately fixes itself. The only problem with this is that if you haven't hit a save point in a while, the impact in your progress can be a little disappointing. So note to interested players: If you do end up trying this game, save frequently (even on the same save point) just in case the game encounters an issue.

Conclusion: If you like 'Interpret the story for yourself' games, dark intriguing plots, and some pretty disturbing endings, I would recommend giving this game a try!


So far, so good

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Sorry for the many comments as well, but it seems like I cannot quit the game unless I want all my save files to be gone... I don't know what's causing this, I could've sworn it was okay to do so the day before, but agh... I'll try deleting and reinstalling the game I guess

Edit : Tried deleting and downloading the game again. Still happened, and my save files are all gone again.

(2 edits)

EDIT : OKAY WHAT THE FUCK, I SAVED ON THE PUMPKIN ON 2 DIFFERENT SAVE FILES, AND THEN I WAS LIKE "ah, I'm gonna make sure it's safe by exiting the game after I saved" LO FREAKING HOLD, MY ENTIRE SAVE FILE IS GONE. it only says Gaze. I'm just.... I really wanna play this game for myself, and I know it isn't the fault on the devs or anything like that, but man does this suck, please please please, if anyone knows why this is happening please help

Okay, so I got the an error of somewhere along the lines of  "failed to create bitmap" after getting the Bell from Fleta, and then my game crashed, AND THEN ALL OF MY SAVES ARE GONE,,, it only says "gaze" which is new game right?? 

I'm just ;_; damnit, I accidentally made a new game and had to start from the beginning again, and now I have to start again....... Please help!


Sorry I'm being whiny but fuck, this is annoying. I really hope this doesn't happen again when I reach that point ;_;

amazing game

ngl- i've been playing this game for year, and I'm in the mirror maze. and the screen is still small like- it's not full screen what do i do??? 

If you hit Alt + Enter, it should fullscreen your game. At least that always worked for me.

Thank you it worked!

will it only be in english?

The story is pretty good with horror elements. The art is also good, especially the scenes that are shown. Overall good. I made the gameplay on Youtube, you can watch it if you want.

My playlist: https://youtube.com/playlist?list=PL2E7JpkYllFGwLqqJXnYRl_HCfMdcMC83





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