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🎀The remastered version of Pocket Mirror Classic (2016), Pocket Mirror ~ GoldenerTraum is now on Steam!🎀

Check out this new release HERE!

Pocket Mirror Classic (2016) is an original mystery horror adventure game made using RPG MAKER VX ACE. During the development of this game we have gotten our inspiration from various japanese RPG MAKER games of the same genre such as Ib and The Witch's House which have motivated us to create our own.

※ The game isn't suited for people with a nervous disposition for things such as horror and graphical horror such as blood and brutal deaths.

※ Please note that it relies on an exceptional amout of symbolism which may be hard to understand throughout the first playthrough, so multiple playthroughs may be advised.

※ To get the best experience out of the game we recomment the player to use headphones and adjust the screen brightness accordingly.

🎃 Premiss 🎃

The events of Pocket Mirror Classic (2016) take place in a mysterious world where the player has to guide the main character in her journey to find her true identity. It is filled with dramatic as well as funny moments throughout and there are several characters to get to know throughout the game!

The storytelling relies on symbolism and hints scattered throughout the game. It's divided into 2 main sub-plots although there are quite a few more, less relevant, sub-plots to experience.

🎃 Features 🎃

🌟 Original artwork

🌟 Original animation (movies)

🌟 Original soundtrack

🌟 Visual novel elements

🌟 Extra content in-game (music room, image gallery, secret content)

🌟 Hearing impaired mode

🌟 Voice acting

🎃 Contact 🎃

Twitter: https://twitter.com/AstralShiftPro

🎃 Troubleshooting 🎃

Please visit our FAQ if you have any more questions regarding the game or Astral Shift's policies.

If you need more information you can always refer to our Terms and Conditions, read the READ ME.txt file included in the game folder, tweet us @AstralShiftPro!

🎃 Changelog ver. 1.3 🎃

- Replacement of various uncredited resources with original resources.
- Bug fix.
- Atribution of proper resource credits.

Rated 4.8 out of 5 stars
(746 total ratings)
Made withRPG Maker
TagsExploration, JRPG, Multiple Endings, Mystery, RPG Maker, Singleplayer, Spooky, Story Rich, Surreal, suspense


Pocket Mirror Classic (2016) - Full Game Version 1.3
Pocket Mirror Classic (2016) - Full Game Version 1.3 TORRENT 15 kB

Install instructions

Please make sure RTP VX ACE is installed in order to play the game.


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i think there is a bug in the game. in the ballroom when the fox and bunny are dancing after killing everyone, i can't interact with anything or enter other rooms. Is it supposed to be like this?

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Can you please mark it as a spoiler please?
Now I'm struggling to forget it...

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I've been meaning to get around to this game for a while, so long that a remake has come out lol. On that note, is there any reason the remake is exclusive to Steam? Itch, or even Gog would be nice as well.


The game is on spanish? (sorry my english is very bad)

Me temo que no, toca sacarle el polvo a los diccionarios inglés-español de mamá

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Can someone help me? I really want to install this but no matter which one i try it won't install. My computer's a Windows 10, don't know if that's why. Edit; nevermind i just saw the thing about installation.

No still not working

did you fixed it? AND HOW cause i have the same problem 

No I never figured it out, I even installed RTP VX ACE like it said to. I'm just going to wait til I can play the remake on Steam

does any1 know a way of changing the controls? I literally can't progress without it

my keyboard doesnt have arrow keys,   so i use a software called “AntiMicro” to remap input (you’ll need Z, X, and arrow keys). it takes a minute to set up but really helps. a word of advice- be careful with WASD, because at one point the game instructs you to press “A” for a puzzle and it really screwed me up because i had to map a new button to be the literal “A” key on the keyboard. hope this helps


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omg :0 i hope this program will help, some months ago my keyboard broke on some buttons on my laptop and i didnt know what to do. tyy 

I'm the only one who has a small window that opens and can't put it in full screen or enlarge it? It's unpleasant to have such a small window to play. if it was possible to put the full screen option.


thank you!


I think this is my favourite rpg of all time. Such beautiful art and graphics, amazing storyline and puzzles, how is this free


one of my favorite rpgs for sure, hopefully one day i'll be able to play the steam remaster!! and also the prequel (idk if its out yet though)

i would love to play it but i have a mac if it not to much to ask could the creaters make a mac version please


I can't play the game fullscreen, I tried everything but without sucess :c


same here :(

I've tried alt + enter, Fn + has clicked Fn numbers keyboards, even to launch fullscreen in properties and all of still won't work at all


try shift + enter


Congrats on the steam release! I bought it as soon as I saw it~<3 


i have yet to play the remaster (i will soon!!) but this is genuinely one of if not my FAVOURITE game ever...the cast, story, gameplay, everything is so well done and if i had to give it a rating it would break the scale. (also, I've been madly in love with harpae for years. she is my fav among favs. an icon if you will)

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Hey I saw your remastered version on Steam, but every time I try to purchase the game + soundtrack bundle, it says I cannot complete my purchase due to there being repeats of the same item even though the bundle is the only thing in my cart. Could you consider releasing it with its soundtrack on itch.io?


I saw this game thumbnail and got interested right away. The art is soooo pretty and the ost is hella gorgeous! I just blindly try this game and got hooked. This heroine is so cute too. I recommend anybody to play this game. It's really good.

iI that anyone play this game.

Hi it's been a long time! I finally post my 2nd video!


I love this game, its soundtrack and art is great, the only thing I wish they would add is a help when you spend too much time in some part of the game, because it took me too long to understand some puzzles, my game lasted literally 12 hours, I even had to watch a YouTube video at one part to see how to pass it as I had no idea what to do. In any case, I really enjoyed the game, I hope it gets more recognition as it is a work of art.

(sorry if my comment is not well understood, I did it with the google translator xd)

I've played this recently but my dumb self had a difficult time trying to understand the symbolism and what was really going on. The story is quite captivating even if it confused me and the mystery of it all was enjoyable and entrancing. I loved the art and the graphics, the soundtrack, the characters. Some parts of these scenes and figuring out what to do was too much for my poor small brain but it was fun. I think this is one of the best and most interesting games made with rpg maker that I have ever played. I would be so happy to find more games like this masterpiece. Thank you so much for this. Even though it was released in 2016, I only played it now. It really deserves more hype and popularity cause it's AMAZING!


Wait, this game is labeled as "Classic" now...?  It's been quite some time since I last played this or have seen any news from the devs; until just now.

Have I been missing anything?

They're doing a remake, I'm guessing it's coming out pretty soon


Here's the trailer

Ah, thank you!  I already loved the "classic" version, I'm looking forward to seeing what they come up with.  ^_^


Excellent rpgmaker game ->


Finally after 7 years...

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This game was great! I can't wait for GoldnerTraum and the prequel to come out!

Looking forward to the new content..

Finally played it after seeing it pop up a lot. Here's part one:

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The art, the ost, all of them was great, but the storyline was the weakness, it ok but not that great compare to other element in the game. Great work, i hope the game will get better

Astral,when i play the game i cant get it to fullscreen,i even read the instructions,what can i do?

click alt + enter

I love and adore this game so much. And it is now my favorite game of all time. I love everything about this game so much. Can't wait for the remake!!

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I’ve been sleeping on this game for far too long. How did i not know this game existed until 2022?! The story was unpredictable, the artwork is breathtaking, the maps and the sprites are very detailed and the music awesome. I love this game. I don’t have windows, i use Fedora so i was able to play this with Bottles and it worked perfectly.


ok I really like this game but the controls are buggy. I made it to the forgotten attic before the controls became to much of  problem. When I walk or run if I do the action too long when I try it input another command it keeps doing the previous one. for the chase scene in the attic there is so many little things you can get caught on its annoying. I want to keep playing but its to much of a hassle if the game doesn't want to listen to my inputs. besides that it has a very interesting story and a kind of feels like America McGee's Alice in wonder land. 


this is the best game ever 


my favorite game


First heard about this game from Oddheader, and MAN, do I want to enter the Millionaire Club!

Is there a way to play this on a 60% keyboard? I dont have arrow keys but really want to play this so bad :(

great game, theres just a teeny tiny prob, i cant run when i press shift

So during the chase scene in the queens throne room i got to the door but it wont let me in and i end up getting shot. Help? 


i would love to replay this game once more and complete it but


The mirror chase was not it for me. The game is amazing and the art style is gorgeous but that chase was difficult for me to pass. I don't know why it's difficult to predict the pattern because the pattern is so predictable but idk. I would complete it if I can pass that level lol ♥

I am glad the remake is coming because it's amazing that this game is free in the first place and y'all deserve money for it

Sorry but I have a problem with the save file, like when I play the game and save the file and check it again until I log out of the game, it doesn't have the file anymore, I tried to find out and it's still the same. Does anyone have a solution ;-; ?
( I use google to translate so sorry if it has grammatical problems )

Does your user have permission to write in the game's folder? Check this out or try running it as an administrator.

Oh I just find out, thank you

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how do you do that?


love this game! can't wait for the remake

game is unplayable past the first few rooms, I keep getting stopped on the first chase scene and can't run even though the path through the gallery is clear. Every time the clock goes off the character physically stops and because of that I get a game over.


Did you try holding shift to run?


Check the clue first and then proceed :)

I would, if the game allowed movement when the clock began to chime. I am physically stopped in whatever place im in, and cannot walk around, let alone run. 

Any turn based combat?

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