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I love this game so much! It's amazing


more people need to play this game. this game's just amazing

Loving the game so far, but unfortunately, there's this one part, without context to avoid spoilers, upon entering a maid's mirror to a dining room with and error mentioning a missing SFX crashing the game

yes! I also have this problem!! Are you on mac too

Omggg i just stumbled upon this, i remembered that i saw my favourite youtuber at the time play it and i loved this game, im gonna play it myself after some years ahaha




Just want to mention this is my favorite game of all time.

People sell things like paintings for millions of dollars, or even simpler games on steam for absurd prices, while this complete masterpiece is just free here, I would donate thousands just to play more of this, thanks a lot for the hours I wasted in this incredible game.


this game was amazing!!

There isn't an Italian translation? :c


Doing a series on this with a friend watching me play & commentating with me, on our join channel, we both LOVE the aesthetics of the game ~ 


looking back at this and absolutely still one of my favorite games!!! thank you once more for developing it!


One of the best RPG games, it's worth every minute spent on playing it

I think i may have found a bug... after the party scene i am unable to go into the right corridor it's as if their isn't even a door there. help? thank you :)

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I can not download the game as the dowload always crashes at 99% ;-;"

And thanks to that now I can not download it because I apperantly already used all teh volumen I had even though I didn't download it yet.

is it possible to play this game in android devices


I watched a Youtuber play this a while back and ive been looking to get it for some thime

Hello! I've completed this hard chase in the Mirror Maze, but after few sentences from the new girl game crashes. Then my computer shows me "Error: Unable to find a file: Audio/BGM/Valsa à Hue". Does it mean, that I have to reinstall the game? (I am playing 1.3 version from Gamejolt)

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Thanks to some research, I'm able to play on my Mac with an application called Winebotteler. I have to say, so far, I LOVE this game. Now, I'm encountering a problem with one of the puzzles that unfortunately has to do with the software. Not to spoil anything, but I am stuck in the ballroom puzzle. Once entering the red ribbon mirror and exploring some, I reach the room to complete the puzzle, an error window pops up, and closes out the game. The window, along the lines, states problems with finding the audio/SE/abrir maáaneta velha.ogg. Ive checked the files and found it but idk how to proceed from here..... Any help would be appreciated!


A beautiful masterpiece from the art & music to the dramatic & poignant storytelling. I fell in love with the characters & the mystery behind their backgrounds. The puzzles & the jumpscares were well-incorporated, adding to the enjoyability of the game. The only minor glitch was an error message that I occasionally got where "Error creating bitmap" appeared & the game shut down. Nevertheless, the overall gameplay experience was AWESOME & I would rate this 6/5 if I could (I rated it 5/5 cos that's the maximum allowed hahaha)!! Thank you so much Astral Shift for creating this game - it has become my favourite ^^


Hello there! I really enjoyed your games ^ ^

I would like to make a Vienamese translate! :p

Unable to download :T looks so good though!

The game won't install. Is there anyway to fix this, I would love to play this game.

you could try installing it on game jolt ,i did so and it worked

you could try installing it on game jolt ,i did so and it worked


I'm trying to download the game, but won't let me download it. Is there anything or anywhere else I can download it from?

super fun and cool game!! im not finished with it yet, but the little easter egg in the red carpet room where you get her to touch the ribbon a bunch of times and she says "stop torturing me, you sadist!" really made me laugh xD

with which device did you download the game?

HP laptop, im pretty sure with the platform Opera

are you one of the people having trouble downloading it? ;w;

I tried to go in the mirror w/ no reflection and candles, in MIRROR MAZE - AREA 2

and tried to enter it many times but still couldn't. keeps repeating the same message.

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So now I will comment about this game. First, the game is good but the game is too long that I cant understand the true explanation about this game. Second, this game need to fix the bug because after i save game and then out the game and then my save is lose so I think this game need to fix. Third, this game almost make me angry because of the crash game. That all. P/S: This is the best RPG game i play ever. I looking forward to hearing form you.


As far as story/exploration focused games go, Pocket Mirror is one of the most enjoyable I've ever played. It's up there with the likes of Undertale, LISA, and VA-11 Hall-A, and of those games, it's the only one that's FREE.

I was expecting a decent, short game along the lines of Ib or OFF, but this game fucking blew me away. This game is way longer and higher quality than I expected of something free I found by chance online. I was sure I was nearing the end of the game at least two or three times before I'd even reached the halfway point.

I give this game my Nickelodeon Kid's Choice Award; and I'd like to nominate the main character of this game for "Most Likeable Video Game Character Ever."

can you please upload the download on Mediafire? because I can't download it on MEGA :c

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Why can't you? As far as I'm aware, MEGA is the easiest, most hassle-free storage service ever.

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this might not be kath0kath's issue, but for me, i couldnt download it because MEGA requires a hard drive (or something) on the computer. a request for the admin to enter the password shows up and because i'm on a shared computer with multiple accounts, i dont know the admin password. u_u

(I did end up downloading it, though)

It's good that you were still able to download it: even with the problems you've been having with MEGA.

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hiii!! I know its been a while but since no one has taken the time to reply back I thought I would. Im working off of a Mac so I know your pain BUT I was able to play this game through a program called wine bottler. If you just google it, follow the instructions then you'd be able to play this game and others like Wadanohara! I hope this was helpful :-)


If some of you are having trouble downloading it, try enabling pop-ups for this specific URL.


I love this game so much. I instantly fell in love with the characters, the art is so beautiful, the story is perfect, etc.

Do I really need to download the RTP, because my game seems to work fine without it

I really really love this game and its OST.  And the art is so beautiful... All the designs have a hard work behind. I would like to work in a project as great at this.

To anyone who can not download the game here, it's on GameJolt and will download from there! 

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im having the same problem

I see. Well if it helps, I found it on game jolt and played it on there

cool thanks

Have I talked about this game? No I think not.


Gold's story was one that attached itself deep into my heart along with many other games and their lores. And there was just something about the Lolita, Victorian, and harlequin style that sat quite too well with me, I realized that the gore, the blood and all the crunches of bones went all too well with that. The music drowned me in a haze that made me fall into Gold's world as well.

Could you make a zip file for the game?

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