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I streamed it and loved it! Going to finish it soon 

Though the full screen didn't work (even a 2x res option would help), and I didn't get any voice acting other than laughs/screams/whispers.

Damn, thats a beautiful game. I love thoses style of game. The best :D ty to works so hard for us ! 

the best horror rpg i've played so far


I already like the game even though I m not yet  finshed the story...


The visual was really beautiful! I like the voice acting, it really fits the charater :)

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Not gonna rate the game rn since I am still playing it . LOve it so far its an amazing game but a problem has occured right now im in Lisette's Area and after grabbing the pumpkin to take it with me I enter the door (the left side where we have to go) and the screen just turns black. The music is playing so the game hasnt crashed but the screen is black. Can someone help me?

EDIT : Ok I was just dumb apparently the game works fine u just have to go a bit forward for stuff to happen. lmao sorry for worrying u devs. Als I am completely in love with this game like holycrap the story, the animation, art style everything is god tier tbh. I am still playint it for the 1 time and I know imma play this game atleast 3-4 times more before I am ready to leave it alone

same loving too


hi bob


Hola, me gustaría saber donde puedo descargarme este juego en español.

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Wait, why is the girl asking me where is Egliette when I see her holding her right in her arms?

Did you miss that the character's picture didn't match the situation there?

I noticed that each character uses the same recurrent picture and only their face changes but come on, make an effort to match the situations, remove the pocket mirror from the girl picture when she isn't actually carrying it (when she hands it to someone else or put it on the floor) and remove Egliette from the other girl picture when she isn't actually carrying her.

Because that Egliette is a doll, so many of her. After the dinner party, when all goes dark, you can pick up a key from the table and enter the secret door ( there you will see a lot of Egliette rag dolls, some torn up ). I have read somewhere that Fleta may carry fakes of Egliette for comfort ( might be the reason some of them in the room were torn off, due Fleta's nature ), although I am not sure if it's true.


Yeah, I completed the game by now and I talked to Egliette in the bonus room where she explains that Fleta has many inanimate copies of her to carry because she doesn't want to be carried all the time but I think this is a lazy excuse because there are times when we literally see Egliette jump from Fleta's arms and we still see her in her arms in her picture and there are also times when the player character parts with her pocket mirror like when she hands it to someone for a moment or put it on the floor to solve a riddle but we still see it in her hand in her picture, I think this is just laziness because the characters use one picture each and they didn't bother to make changes to match the situations.


It's yellow, blue, red and green! No one can reach it, not even the queen!

I have no idea what this riddle is about so I read a walkthrough to understand and I read that the answer is 7 but I couldn't find any explanation to this and I don't want to just keep going without understanding so I'm going forward in the game but I still would appreciate someone explaining please.

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Okay I'm getting annoyed by these illogical riddles, Mrs. Elizabeth baked 5 dishes then a robber stole 2 and a dog stole a third one so there are only 2 left so how come that 5 were saved?!?

How is the letter F like a cow's tail?


"because it comes at the end of the beeF", these riddles are not mean to be logical, they are brain teasers


... Damn, did they think it was funny?

Because none of the 5 dishes were burnt!

... Really?

The riddle's answer is indeed 7, the 7 colours of the rainbow (yellow, blue, red, green..). The original riddle goes - "I can be redblue, purple, and greenNo one can reach me, not even the queen."


Then if the answer is 7 for the 7 colors of a rainbow, it should be "It's red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo and purple! No one can reach it, not even the queen!".

How was I supposed to guess it was the 7 colors of a rainbow if it says it has only 4 colors?!?

I don't know if it's illegal, but can you download pocket mirror in Spanish?

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I hope you like the gameplay I did of your game! I really like it =3


will this ever be on mac? i really want to play but i have a mac


maybe one day, but if you rly wanna play and you dont have a windows pc at all, try installing windows as a second operating system on your mac

hopefully this helps, take care




When I started the game after Elise says ''Where am I ?'' I can´t moove ;-;

Also I can't see the game in full screen.

cute n spook

I got a "failed to create bitmap" error so my game closed. But for some reason my save file is gone.. Is there a way i can recover my save file? Or do i need to start all over again.....?

I've gotten the same outcome when I go into a new area and once it didn't save, I couldn't find any solution to recover saves. The failed Save only happened once but for other times it saved into archives (if youre using winrar at least,) 
From my experiance youre going to have to replay the game by your last save or Wait for the Archive to save if prompted.
-I'm not apart of the Astral-Shift Team, I'm just trying to help.

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Did you guys had a plan to realease/selling this game on Steam? because you guys deserve my money and i want this game to be my library collection so bad!

Anyway, great game and i love it !!


No need to sell their soul to Steam to grant your wish, just ask them to enable Itch's pay-what-you-want feature to allow you to pay what you want for it right here for your Itch collection. ;-)


NJNJDJDAJAJS this game!! its one of my favourite rpgs and it has the most beautiful artstyle! idk why its not getting the attention ib or the witchs house are getting<3

It appears to me that I don't have VL Ghotic font, I tried to solve the problem, but I can't do it and the game doesn't open, heeelp.


How can I go full screen? Everytime it starts, it's always small. I love the game nonetheless, it's just that problem I'm having


Once you open up the game click on "Gaze". Then once the game starts press the alt and enter key. Hope this helps :)

Thank you so much! This really helped me out

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There is a more efficient way:

Press F1 in any RPG Maker VX Ace game to open the engine settings window and check the box "launch in full screen" and click OK which will automatically launch in full screen every RPG Maker VX Ace game that you will play from now on. ;-)

Oh Thank you so much!!

Osea el juego si lo puedo descargar y asi pero en si el juego no me deja jugarlo ¿Porque ='I

x2 :'(

¿Como se cambia el idioma a español?


alguien me dice como puedo jugar al idioma en español?

No estoy exactamente seguro de cómo tal vez está en la configuración

hi, does anyone still have the save file in this section?, if so, please send it to me, I have a save file error and cannot continue: ((,my email is ,if you have it,please send it to me,thanks =((

Hey, I noticed that there's no download link for Mac. Am I supposed to use the Torrent link to download the game on a Macbook? A little help would be greatly appreciated >w>


aint it supposed to be Windows only?


I can't download the from the mega website it keep saying i need to buy the pro version to continue the download.

it might actually be downloading Ithought the same thing but then I noticed the download up top

I can't figure out how to download this game. I dowloaded and setup VX Ace, but I dont know if im supposed to do anything after that.


run the .exe ?

Hi ! I have a question ; when I finish the game and get all the messages saying I unlocked new bonus stuff, it says I unlocked Creator’s Comment however I cannot seem to find where to read it. Could someone help me and tell me where to find it ? Thank you in advance !

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You should continue playing,and you can find a colourful pumpkin.When you talk to it,it will tell you creator's comment

Thank you !


question: if you could relate this game to a popular game in the past in terms of the story, what game would it be?

(asking because im not really sure what vibe this game has, ddlc vibe? undertale vibe? sorry if i got my english wrong, its not my first language)


the team has mentioned that they were inspired by games such as The Witch's House and Ib!


ah, thank you

i really enjoyed this game and it's deep story! i love lisette she's such an interesting character

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Hi, I'm really loving Pocket Mirror so far, and I really have nothing to say other than really good job, it's amazing and without a doubt one of the best games I ever played! (the art is so so beautiful, and so far I very much enjoyed the plot <3)         Thank you so much for letting us play such an amazing game! <3 (I'm sorry for any grammatical errors, english isn't my first language)

- (edit) just finished, I'm currently crying and laughing at the same time, and I already know I'm gonna miss Pocket Mirror (I got the "Little Goody Two Shoes"  ending, thanks to external help and many deaths);   If you haven't downloaded it yet, I really hope you'll give it a shot, and trust me it will be worth it! <3


I LOVE this game!! But I have a question... The first time I played it i got far enough in the story, saved and closed the game. When I came later and opened the game it didn't have the save file so I had to start from the beginning. This happened 3 times already. I reinstalled  the game, and hope it will save this time. If it doesn't, is there anything I can do??

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Hello :) for every rpg game there isn't auto save; before opening the app, drag with the cersor the file "Save01" and leave it onto the app (pocket mirror). When the game opens instead of "Gaze" click "Recollect" and choose the save file 

Thank you so much !!!!!

I'm sorry but I'm a little bit confused at the "drag with the cetsor the file save01 and leave it onto the app" where can I find the "Save01" file?

When you make a save into the game this save becomes a file named Save01. If you make four saves for example the files will be: Save01, Save02 etc and these files appear right below of the Quick_Save file (where it says Pocket Mirror. exe, right below there are the files: Pocket Mirror.ini, Pocket Mirror.rgss3a, Quick_Save. Right after Quick_Save the files Save01 etc take place) If you haven't saved the game there will be no file. 

I love this game sooo much

The art  , controllings , story , characters , endings ...... EVERYTHİNG ABOUT THİS GAME WAS AWESOME!!!!   I really liked it thank you for your all efforts ^-^ 


If you all don't know, the prequel/sequel "Little Goody Two Shoes" is in development so support 'em!


This Game Is Terrifyingly Amazing! 

Only Thing that saddens me that there is no right ending or good ending.

I think the "True" ending is Little Goody Two Shoes. But depending on perspective it can be the "Dawn" one

Oh, Thanks For Your Opinion!

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