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amazing game

ngl- i've been playing this game for year, and I'm in the mirror maze. and the screen is still small like- it's not full screen what do i do??? 

If you hit Alt + Enter, it should fullscreen your game. At least that always worked for me.

Thank you it worked!

will it only be in english?

The story is pretty good with horror elements. The art is also good, especially the scenes that are shown. Overall good. I made the gameplay on Youtube, you can watch it if you want.

My playlist:






Hey! This is definitely one of my favorite RPG Maker games, and I'm replaying it now! I just wanted to say that I found a collision bug in Egliette's area. She can also go "under" the black dress. 


the best game in this world!


Hi, i'm a french gamer so sorry if my english is not good as well ! I'm just writing this comment to say thank you for pocket mirror ! I discoverd this game a few years ago, when i was 13 (I actually have 18), and i loved it so much, its also because of it if i can speak and write in english so he is very special to me ! I dont know if I was supposed to write this message here.. But here is it ! Thank you again bye bye !

I Got an error (File corrupted) who help me pls !

Small question, what is the saving sound from the music box called?


These Pumpkin homies betta not get PUT in a pack CUZ I KNOW A GOOD PUMPKIN RECIPE - This a dope game so far! Hopefully it gets better!

??????'s sprite isn't wearing harpae's cardigan when interacting with the white swan?

I am enjoing the game and playing it!

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This game is way too cute and then suddenly its the most evil thing ever. If that's something you're interested in, this game does it perfectly. The description states that you might not fully understand what's going on during your first playthrough and for me, this was 100% correct. As long as you understand that you probably won't get it the first time around, you'll have a great time. For those who would rather watch than play, I've uploaded the first part here and urge you to give it a shot even if you don't think it's your cup of tea. 

Thanks for making games!

I enjoyed this game so much!! I love it dearly. Can't wait for the prequel <3

Hello :) ,
I'm french and i recently discovered Pocket Mirror with a french streamer named Nhaao.
We much enjoyed to play it, it was a really great game and i wonder if it's possible to have this game on switch too. Anyway, we can't wait to play Little Goody Two Shoes soon.

Thank you very much :D


I'm loving the game so far but I am getting an error after Harpae's ending. I think it's an RTP VX Ace problem. Does anyone know how to fix this?

Deleted 195 days ago

I believe it can be fixed if you just walk into the map you're trying to get into instead of running. This happened to me aswell, I searched it up, and it said if you walk into the elevator after the theatre (which is where mine crashed), it'll work again. Hope this help!

Thanks you, it now works : ). Time to recollect what happened after leaving the game for months.

Hi ! I dont know if you still have the error, but personally i had it on few moments in the game, and my solution was just to quit and replay the game from the last save, and it worked for me ! I hope i could help you a little bit !

Please make version android of this game,,,,,,😭😭😭😭😭😭💗💗💗💗plsssssssssssssss

I like to open up this game at 1:11 (the reason being: I have 111 charms left over after completing the game exactly 4x) - Sitting and watching the moon routinely alongside a special memory, a memory that should be held closest to the heart. :3

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im stuck with the yellow marble i dont know what door it opens  can some one help? i dont wanna look on youtube because i kinda wanna figure it out myself  nvm i found it just  finished the game and i loved it


I have a little question. I’ve got a shiny golden coin that I found in fountain with Fleta’s statue(Their Beloved Garden). I’ve try to use this coin everywhere but it seem nowhere to use it. And when I go into rabbit hole this coin was disappeared. Can I ask you where I supposed to use this coin?(or maybe it’s just error or something)


im stuck in the forgotten attic where all the dolls chase you, I found the wood plank to use for a bridge but it wont let me pick it up and I keep dying so I just stopped playing the game, I really wanna finish this amazing game! someone help?


i hate how pocket mirror is so underrated its literally my fav game of all time 


lol why does this game have so many pumpkins

very happy i found this

Is there any way to find this for a mobile device?  I can't find any on the web or anything to download apps.


perhaps you can try joiplay, they does suport RPGmaker files

This game is really awesome

hello, i'm really enjoying the game even though i just started it but is there a way to make the window size bigger? right now, it's absolutely tiny and i can make it into full screen but i don't like playing it full screen. i can't seem to make it bigger and i would really appreciate it if you could help me! thank you!


Hello, to go on full screen you just have to press alt+enter! All controls should be written on a file in the Pocket Mirror folder called "READ ME", so if you don't know how to do something you could look there. I hope I've been helpfull! ^w^

i see now! tysm!

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Really nice game so far, unfortunately I get an error message in the ballroom left door below: Unable to find file: Audio/BGS/243373__johnsonbrandediting__small-crowd-pre-concert-talking-party-bar-walla-talking  The game then crashes. I looked in the folder but this audio file is there. Can anyone help me further ?

I already watched ManlyBadassHero's playthrough of this but I feel like I might want to play it again myself=w=

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I wonder if you can provide an apk version of the game, or the source code for recompiling

Edit: I actually gonna try to convert it, if successful I can share it with the author 


if possible could you make the game mac OS compatible

Sorry, I just wanted to ask if, playing the game a second time, is there something different (like creator's comments and bonus room, that I already know).


This game is one of my favourite horror games!!!

This game should add on steam

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